rohypnol mon amour

From "Rohypnol Mon Amour", Alexei watches on a monitor as Megumi and Junko suffer the ill effects of their spiked drinks...

Alexei doesn’t even notice the waiter leaving. He’s mesmerized as Junko helps Megumi back to their table from the dance floor. Megumi looks unwell, but her friend doesn’t look so good either. That was quick, maybe only twenty minutes. The waiter appears by their table, looking concerned, and takes them under his wing, escorting them away.

Alexei sees nothing else. He doesn’t see the knowing stares of the other guests, who all think they know exactly how these girls have overdone it and how that happiness could never have been sustainable. He doesn’t see the member of staff whisk away the empty cocktail glasses.

He doesn’t see any of it because his mind has followed Megumi and Junko right off the edge of the monitor.

Rohypnol Mon Amour.


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