Brett Plastic is a Japanese "Manga" superhero, who achieved his goals with little more than his "super-niceness". With the skills to be a real action hero, he preferred nevertheless to use reason and friendliness to fight his battles.

"Preferred" not "prefers" because as the series went on, Plastic's super-niceness developed an increasingly disturbing edge, culminating perhaps in the infamous and iconic Issue #59.

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The mythology surrounding the Brett Plastic comic series is somewhat confused. Many hold on to the belief that its reclusive creator, Kazuo Yamaguchi, planned out the entire series before starting work.

But an anonymous story from someone who claimed to have worked for Yamaguchi suggested a more prosaic explanation for the unusual development of the series. He claimed that, with sales tailing off and a limited number of storylines for a character who was so entirely reasonable, Yamaguchi yielded to the market and decided to make Brett’s niceness a little more edgy.

Issue #15 never appeared, but there is continued speculation, fostered by occasional hints from Yamaguchi’s studio, about what it contained. All people know for sure, is that there was something subtly different about the Brett Plastic who appeared subsequently. Whatever had happened to Brett Plastic in Issue #15, he was never the same man afterwards.

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