i'll have the lobster

From "I'll Have the Lobster", Roku defends himself from Alexei's murderous chef...

As the chef charges for a second time, Roku falls back on the only defence he has and bombards him with an array of freshly prepared ingredients. A sheet of smoked salmon sticks to the chef’s face, temporarily covering his eyes. Roku uses this momentary blindness by taking a baguette and beating him around the head with it like a kendo staff. Even blinded though, with one swipe of the cleaver, the chef knocks the baguette into pieces.
The chef pulls the smoked salmon off his face and continues to pursue a retreating Roku, who hampers his progress with a barrage of ever smaller food – bread rolls, anchovies, olives. There seems to be nothing left to throw, but then Roku spots the tank full of live lobsters.
Roku takes a lobster out of the tank and throws it at the chef’s face. The chef panics and tries to catch it. He misses, but in the process, somehow manages to slip on a baby octopus. His feet fly forwards and he lands on the floor with a ground-shaking thud.

Roku steps forward carefully. The chef has been knocked unconscious and lies now like the main attraction in the middle of his own bizarre smorgasbord. Roku needs to wash his hands, but he doesn’t want to linger in the kitchen. Instead, he steps through the interior doors and presses onwards, still optimistically hoping that a friendlier reception might yet await him.
Meanwhile, the lobster vainly tries to manoeuvre over the chef’s bulky body, trying to find a way back to the sea.

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