LIKE EXtracTS...?

"Like Plastic" was first published as a serial novella online, where it attracted over 100,000 readers, many in Japan. It's a story of manners, of offence taken and honour restored. So, meet nightclub owner Alexei Shakirov, warped scion of a Russian billionaire and brother to the beautiful Anna. Alexei has a fetish for collecting an unusual trophy from the women he drugs. After Megumi falls foul of him she calls her cousin Roku in Tokyo to help her. He and his beautiful wife, Yuko, go to London to right the wrong done to Megumi. Roku, a comic book devotee, looks to his hero, Brett Plastic, for inspiration. What would Brett Plastic do? A hero famed for his superhuman niceness, Plastic would show Alexei the error of his ways, through well-reasoned argument and politeness. But as Roku knows, Plastic moved into darker territory as his comic book series progressed, and when all else fails, sometimes force is needed. As things escalate it's time for the women to step in and sort things out. This updating of Alexander Pope's "The Rape of the Lock" will appeal to fans of Japanese fiction, Manga, Jim Jarmusch and Wes Anderson, and to anyone with a sense of the absurdity of modern life.

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