alexei in love

From "Alexei in Love", with the Japanese girls unconscious, the nightclub owner gets to work...

Impatient now, he hurriedly unbuttons and unzips Megumi and pulls down her jeans and underwear in one swift movement, on the verge of a panic attack, fearful of being denied his prize. But he looks down and is massively relieved, so relieved that it takes a second or two for his desire to catch up with developments.

What he sees below him is exactly what he expects of a Japanese girl, a lush thicket of black hair, spontaneous and tousled and wild. He laughs to himself, full of nervous energy, and reaches inside his jacket pocket.

The light catches on the metal of the surgical-looking instrument in his hand, a hand which is visibly trembling. At this precise moment, in the strange rules that govern his universe, Alexei is in love.


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